Civil engineering company

The client manages multiple construction works at the same time -some with more than 100 employees-, and, each work, manages its own resources: employees, vehicles, materials, billing and suppliers, orders and even certifications.

In addition, each employee has different task and can not have access to information that he is not allowed to see (e.g: a construction manager should not have access to employee payrolls).
Taking into account all of this requirements, two needs were proposed:
--> Manage the resources of each work separately and assign different permissions for each user.
--> Allow management to keep track of all works in a comprehensive manner.

An online system, accessible from all work locations and from the central office, was created. It counts with a permissions management, where an administrator can determine what features are available to the rest of the users. This way construction personnel can only manage vehicles and employees, administrative staff con only manage suppliers, billing, orders and payments and HR users can only manage payslips and daily reports.
Meanwhile, the administrator can track both of each construction work and globally, and generate statistical reports in addition to making bank reconciliations and administer certifications among other things.
  • Date: March 2013 - today
  • Client: Galtec SA
  • Tools: Ruby on Rails 3, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript