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Full-stack projects
Agile methodologies
Guaranteed happiness

What we do

We design and develop high quality software to help you optimize what you already know how to do
Web Apps

We develop web apps for your ideas and projects to come true


We design apps for users, not for computers


We advise our customers and work with them to materialize their ideas


We develop high quality products in a fast, scalable and maintainable way

We specialize in building online payment solutions with the biggest providers in the world

Are you ready for a new experience?


We are a group of friends convinced that software development must be agile.
All our processes are carried out following this premise.
Designs for happy users

For customers to actually use it, software must be captivating.

Serial problem solvers

Our systems solve problems. We love challenges and the only limit is our customers’ creativity.

Fast delivery

We split systems into partial deliveries to get prompt feedback from users.

Customized systems

No two customers are the same. We firmly believe that each customer's needs are unique and deserve a tailored system.

The process matters

For things to turn out well, they need to get off to a good start. We use quality assurance and improvement processes from the very beginning.


People change; so do systems. We provide maintenance services to keep your systems updated.

We've been working with happy customers who share our philosophy for more than 10 years.


We share unique experiences with engineering companies, car dealers, trade unions, estate agencies, doctors and shops, among others.
Each project is as unique as the customer.

About Us

We design and develop simple products to help you optimize what you already know how to do
Making customers happy for more than 10 years.

We are a group of friends convinced that things can be done properly form the very beginning. We started developing systems for our relatives and nowadays we are a company with 10 years of accumulated experience.

The rich diversity of our team enables us to approach each project from a unique perspective.

We are based in La Plata, Buenos Aires, but everyone in Unagi is free to live and work wherever they like. Many of us love working from home while others almost live in the office.

  • Ruby on Rails

    We work with Ruby on Rails because it is flexible and agile.

  • Web design

    We’ve been working with HTML5, CSS and JS for more than 10 years.

  • Full Stack

    We specialise in comprehensive solutions (API | Frontend | Backend)

  • Hosting

    We provide hosting services and its set up to offer a comprehensive solution.

Ruby on Rails Javascript Ruby HTML5 CSS3 Mailgun Mailchimp

Gitlab Heroku Digital Ocean Postgresql Firebase AWS


Brewed mates


Drunk mates
mate lavado


Spoiled mates

Who We Are

We are designers, programmers, barbecue cooks, footballers that didn't make it, shower singers, teachers, ungifted musicians, graduates, backpackers, ardent readers, rugby players, analysts, travellers, parents, look-alike hunters, fruit salad lovers, Fans of Friends and workaholics.
We love doing what we do.
Software Architect

I like watching films, reading and eating fruit salad. Besides, I'm a graduate in computer systems... or so people think.

Account Manager

I love languages and sharing a good meal. I used to be sporty and I think my body knows it. Talking is my thing. Oh, and I'm almost a graduate.

Software Architect

I'm a fan of Forrest Gump, The Naked Gun and films in general. I like reading and I'm a serial look-alike hunter. I can hardly say three sentences in a row without telling a joke.


Fan of football, Star Wars and comics. I'm an Engineer, but i might be Batman in another dimension. I hate olives.


Nocturnal animal and sci-fi books fan. Engineer with papers but i prefer to be called as the 'computing mason'. In a relationship with mashed potatoes.


I'm a big fan of soccer and i'm in a relation with Independiente Athletic Club. I love travelling and i'm an aquarium hobbyist. My workmates bother me cause i've never watched Friends.


I'm a lover of barbecue, mate and soccer. Proud fan of Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata. When I'm not programming, I'm parking planes. Left handed from birth and by choice.


Miss Chacabuco 2011 and not recommended person for sharing ice cream. Reading and running lover. Part software engineering, part accountant. A myth says that Duffman was inspired by me.


Treating our customers well and making them feel comfortable is a must for us. We enjoy working with them.

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